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Machine Washable Cotton

Spring Summer 2021 | Five Reasons to Buy our men's Machine Washable Cotton.


Calming shades of Wedgewood, Putty and Dark Navy make for understated, timeless dressing. Cotton on to our latest pieces for men, in practical machine-washable fabric.


  1. Cool Comfort

Breathable, natural cotton fibres are gentle on the skin and can keep you cool during the warmer months.


  1. Seamless Dressing

 Our recently launched men's Pique Stitch Sweater and Pique Stitch Polo Shirt, in 100% Machine Washable Cotton, are made using Wholegarment Technology to achieve an entirely seam-free finish. Seamless pieces are incredibly comfortable and form-flattering.


  1. Layer it up

The beauty of natural cotton fibres is that they lend themselves to layering in cooler climates. Wear our Cotton Polo Shirt and Sweater together until we hit the summer months.


  1. Low Maintenance Living

Caring for your 100% Machine Washable Cotton is easy, too. 100% Cotton requires less frequent laundering than synthetic fibres, so you can wear your Pique Sweater and Polo Shirt two or three times before washing. We recommend washing on a cool setting, then reshaping your garment and drying flat.


  1. A Sustainable Choice

We are very proud to work with the world’s finest natural fibres, knowing that they are completely biodegradable and renewable. The addition of Machine Washable Cotton to our men’s collection offers you - our customer - even more choice, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

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