Johnstons of Elgin AW20 Vicuna Pieces


Rich, lustrous Vicuña is the jewel in the crown of our fine fibre repertoire; the softest, most delicate wool in the world. Easily recognisable by its distinctive caramel colour and warm, pillow-like handle, Vicuña boasts a regal history spanning centuries and has been part of our story since 1849. Still an essential part of Johnstons of Elgin’s contemporary collections, our breath-taking Vicuña clothing and accessories feel like a warm embrace.

A Vicuna in the wilderness

What is Vicuña?

The Vicuña is an elegant, gracile animal, found exclusively in South America, primarily on the high alpine plateaus of the Central Andes. A relative of the llama, Vicuña live at altitudes of between 3,200 and 4,800 metres. The incredibly fine fibres of the Vicuña's thick, soft coat contain tiny scales, which interlock and trap insulating air; an exceptionally warm material for the creation of luxurious stoles, scarves and clothing.

Johnstons of Elgin has worked with Vicuña for more than 170 years, and in 1851 we were awarded a medal for our Vicuña shawls at the Great Exhibition in London, a world fair promoting and celebrating various industries of the time, including textiles.

Our Vicuña designs continue to turn heads today, featuring on the runway as part of our London Fashion Week presentations.

Vicuna wool
Johnstons of Elgin Vicuna Scarf

Sustainable Beauty

Vicuña fibres are natural, biodegradable and renewable. We are committed to the sustainability of all the fibres we use, and we are proud to work with Peruvian farmers and communities to ensure Vicuña can continue to flourish.

Circularity, relating to the reduction of waste and regeneration of resources, is inherent to our business. By carrying out every aspect of our manufacturing processes in our own Scottish mills, we minimise transportation and waste in the production of our Vicuña pieces.

Vicuna stole

What Makes Vicuña Special?

Vicuña have the finest coat of any known animal, with fibres around half the thickness of any other wool. To preserve these incredibly soft fibres in their purest state, we avoid dying or bleaching them to alter their colour. As a result, our exquisite Vicuña designs are defined by their natural, rich caramel hue. Vicuña can only be shorn every three years, increasing the exclusivity of the yarn.

The lightweight nature of Vicuña makes it a pleasure to wear, and it boasts incredible insulating properties. It is also durable and remarkably smooth.

The Inca revered this unusually fine wool, and only royalty was permitted to wear it. Sources say the Inca believed the Vicuña to be a reincarnation of a beautiful, young woman who received a coat of pure gold as a gift from a king.

Vicuña Clothing & Accessories

Johnstons of Elgin vicuña and cashmere scarves and stoles are constructed by combining unique mixes of yarns in warp and weft to create stunning designs with a contemporary feel.

Exquisite Design

Our iconic stole design in the finest Vicuña fibres is truly the ultimate luxury. The Vicuña stole is long enough to wrap around your shoulders or can be worn around the neck as a more voluminous alternative to a scarf. Snuggle under your Vicuña Stole on a chilly evening or a long-haul flight, enjoying the exceptional warmth and comfort.

Vicuña needs no branded logo to highlight its exclusivity. Its distinctive colour reveals its origins, whether it appears alone or next to tonal shades of Cashmere.

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