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Made in Scotland with the finest cashmere and vicuña yarn, our exquisite stoles can be wrapped around the body for the ultimate comfort and warmth. Innovative technology allows us to create unique designs in varying weights, patterns and tartans so you can choose the perfect style to suit each season.

Our iconic cashmere stoles provide unrivalled warmth and softness. With a range of colours available, including classics like black and navy, warm red and orange as well as ombre styles, you’ll find something to elevate any outfit. If you are getting a plain or tartan stole as a gift or just indulging yourself, personalisation options are available.




We look back to go forward this season, exploring the origins of our fibres and our traditional techniques to create unique, innovative pieces. With the clarity of 20/20 vision, we take inspiration from around the globe, including stunning South American skylines, ice-capped Mongolian Mountains and the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. The collection reflects the rich textures, colours and textile patterns of Peru and Mongolia, the home of our precious Cashmere and Vicuna fibres, referencing original art, textiles and ancient symbolism in our contemporary designs.






















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