Our commitment to slow luxury means we take our time to create unique, high-quality designs that you can enjoy for many years. And we are delighted to be able to extend the life of our garments even further, breathing new life into well-worn pieces. Now you can pass your favourite Johnstons of Elgin knitwear onto future generations, even if it becomes a little tired. We collaborate with conscious Scottish aftercare company Cashmere Circle to offer you a luxury, environmentally mindful repair, revive and recycling service, unlike any other. Together, we are closing the circle that represents the life of our products, and we believe the timing couldn't be better.


In a world dominated by convenience and fast fashion, our earth and our seas are at risk. Synthetic fibres pollute our oceans with every wash and can take around 200 years to decompose when they eventually end their life in landfill. Our products are made with the highest quality natural fibres, including Cashmere, Merino Wool and Lambswool, which, if discarded, will decompose naturally in earth or water. But first, we want our products to enjoy the longest possible life. Each piece we craft is designed to last, and we are gentle with our fibres during every stage of our processes.

With all this in mind, the most sustainable choice we can make as consumers is buying less and buying better. But nothing lasts forever, and some wear and tear is inevitable. We are working with eco-friendly repair gurus Cashmere Circle, based in the Scottish borders, to give your treasured Johnstons of Elgin knitted garments a new lease of life, mending small holes to an incredibly high standard, patching more extensive areas of damage, and refreshing your most-loved designs with luxurious, gentle cleaning and de-pilling methods. Your superfine knitwear will come back to you like new.


Cashmere Circle’s team of skilled artisans, most of whom have spent most of their lives working in knitting mills, utilise incredible invisible mending techniques to repair small holes and moth damage. If the hole is a little bigger, they can restore it with a recycled Cashmere or suede patch. You can choose a colour match for a discreet repair or make a statement with a contrasting shade of yarn.


If your cherished Johnstons of Elgin knitwear is beyond repair, Cashmere Circle’s dedicated craftspeople can create a new treasure from an old one. A weathered jumper, for example, can be made into a snood or fingerless gloves, or perhaps a unique baby gift such as booties or a newborn hat. These bespoke pieces are presented in a beautiful gift box.


We believe caring for your Cashmere shouldn’t be complicated. You can follow this link to select one of Cashmere Circle’s services, and they will send you pre-paid postage bags for your garments

Your item will be cleaned using gentle, environmentally friendly methods and will be de-pilled and sanitised. It will then undergo a special process to revive the fibres, leaving it almost like new.

Your garment will then travel to the Scottish borders – the home of knitwear – for repair or repurposing. Cashmere Circle will return it to you in a moth-proof storage bag made from recycled plastic and ribbon made from recycled bottles. The package includes a lavender pouch to keep moths away in future. 


The most sustainable piece of clothing is the one you already own. But we understand that sometimes a favourite knitted garment is beyond repair. Rather than cherished but unwearable pieces gathering dust, Cashmere Circle can reuse the yarn. When you donate a worn-out knitted product to Cashmere Circle, Cashmere can be repurposed, and Lambswool or blended yarn can be broken down and used to make tree protectors. To help you replace your beloved but exhausted design, we will offer your next Johnstons of Elgin knitwear purchase at a special price.

For every garment donated to Cashmere Circle, they will plant a tree. We hope that no garment will be left behind, and we can close the circle that represents the life of our exquisite designs.

To learn more about Cashmere Circle or book a repair, please click here.