The Beauty of Bespoke Embroidery

Embroidery on camel cashmere scarf

When it comes to gifting, nothing beats something personal and bespoke. That's why we're so proud of our Personalised to Perfection embroidery service. We have an in-house team of expert who can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind accessories and throws, as well as baby blankets.

But it's not just our high standards of quality that set us apart. Our bespoke embroidery service is the perfect way to create a unique gift that is as individual as the person receiving it. Whether you want to monogram a scarf or add a special message to a baby blanket, we can help you achieve the perfect finish.

So if you're looking for a luxurious gift that is truly unique, look no further than our bespoke embroidery service. Don't see what you are looking for? Please contact our customer service team who can assist further.


When it comes to luxury, there are few things as timeless and elegant as embroidery. It's perfect for special occasions, or when you want to make an impression. Bespoke items can be passed down from generation to generation, adding sentimental value to your gift.



Bespoke embroidery is the art of personalising a gift with beautiful  lettering or designs. It's the perfect way to create a uniquely personal item, whether you're looking for a bespoke baby blanket, or simply want to monogram the perfect gift for your new arrivals, in whisper-soft cashmere.


Colour their world

When choosing colour and design combinations for embroidered pieces, it's important to consider the overall look and feel that you're hoping to achieve. Rich and vibrant colours can create a statement piece, while neutral tones provide an understated elegance.

Another way to choose the perfect combination is to consider the setting that it will be displayed in. Will it be a gift? If so, take into account its recipient's personality; bolder designs inject energy into a wardrobe, while softer colour schemes create a calming atmosphere.

Are you looking to say thank you to your amazing staff. treat your loyal customers or host an event? To enquire about Corporate Gifting, please contact us at CorporateOrders@johnstonsofelgin.com


Make a lasting impression with gifts from Johnstons of Elgin. Choose from the finest cashmere and woollen products, and make each gift extra special by using our bespoke in-house embroidery service. We can individually gift box & messages upon request.

For further information, contact our Corporate Order Team: CorporateOrders@johnstonsofelgin.com

White Cashmere Scarf with Camel Embroidery


Woodcut Baby Blanket with Light Pink Embroidery