Johnstons of Elgin is synonymous with the world’s finest cashmere. Our rich history and experience spanning three centuries make us experts in our field, and we are proud to work with this sustainable, renewable and biodegradable natural fibre. Combed from the underside of cashmere goats, the fine fibres, along with our unparalleled craftsmanship, create beautiful, high-quality fabrics, which are soft, luxurious and long-lasting.

Our cashmere is sourced from China, Mongolia and Afghanistan. We buy 15 different types of cashmere, each one carefully selected for its colour, thickness and length. Mongolia produces long, fine fibres in a grey or light brown hue, China the finest, whitest cashmere and Afghanistan shorter, browner shades. To retain the optimum handle, from raw fibre to finished product, we minimise the amount of bleaching or dyeing by making sure that white fibres are reserved for our lightest colours and dark fibres for our deeper shades.

Our Fine Cashmere fabric has a super soft velour finish and a beautiful silky sheen. Multi-tonal melange yarns spun and dyed on-site, give a powerful depth of colour and a truly unique look. Elegant neutrals such as Hessian and Camel sit beautifully with bold Wine and Chartreuse shades. Our Fine Cashmere fabric is the perfect, luxurious finishing touch for any room.

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