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Johnstons of Elgin are extremely proud to launch the finest and lightest knitted cashmere they have ever made. Weighing just 160 to 180 grams per garment these beautiful, garments utilise the latest in 3D knitting technology and the finest Italian-spun yarns, combined with the soft waters and finishing know-how only found in Hawick in Scotland.

Johnstons uses computer-controlled 3D technology to engineer the knit so that the garment can be crafted in one piece without seams. This technology achieves superior comfort for the wearer and enhances the natural elasticity of the knit, allowing superior stretch and mobility. The yarn used is the finest spun worsted 100% cashmere at 3/80 count. This gauge truly shows that cashmere this fine out-performs any other fibre and showcases the unique properties only the finest cashmere can achieve.