David Evans wearing a bespoke Johnstons of Elgin Suit


We were delighted to be introduced to David Evans in 2015, the inspirational and revered driving force behind the Grey Fox Blog. With a collective passion for high quality British manufacturing and craftsmanship, our relationship with him has gone from strength to strength, with David appearing in two of our London Fashion Week shows. This season, we welcome David as a guest writer to share his thoughts on our Timeless Classics and how they stand the test of time.

Guest Writer: David Evans

David Evans wearing a bespoke Johnstons of Elgin Suit

The best clothes suit anyone, no matter what their age. As an older man writing about style I notice that it’s well-designed and made clothing that looks good on both young and old, eclipsing the fleeting attractions of fashionable items which tend to be aimed at the young and discarded after a few wears.

Classic Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Granite
Classic Cashmere Cardigan in Granite

Our Classic Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper and Classic Cashmere Cardigan, both featured here in Granite

Wearing a few pieces from the collection, I was struck by the quality of the feel, fit and design - and the colours are gorgeous. These are objects that can last for ever and stay looking superb. In an age when we are wearing fewer formal clothes for work we are looking for casual but smart products. Timeless Classics are ideal for this - looking good yet comfortable for work or relaxation.

A classic stands the test of time; it retains its value, beauty and practicality despite the passage of the years. We are becoming increasingly interested in the sustainability of what we wear and are demanding clothes like these Timeless Classics that will not, after a few month’s of wear, become wasteful landfill.

How do you know you’re buying into quality knitwear? Feel it; is it soft yet substantial? Does it resist creasing reasonably well? What does the manufacturer say about the sources of their raw materials? Look at the colours, designs and the quality of construction. Finally, don’t be put off by price alone. Truly high quality knitwear is a lifetime investment if properly looked after.

I write this as someone who has owned Johnstons of Elgin cashmere knitwear for some years. Every piece has remained as wearable as the day it arrived. A classic object, whether a book, building or piece of art, remains stylish and beautiful despite the ravages of time. This applies equally to clothing and the Johnstons of Elgin Timeless Classics illustrate this perfectly. Such timeless knitwear transcends fashion and personifies the best of style, looking good on anyone, of any age.

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