Al Fresco Entertaining


Whilst we're not able to do much entertaining indoors, why not take the party outside and embrace Al fresco living.

Even the smallest outdoor space can be transformed into an elegant exterior room, whether it's for a simple picnic or fine dining. Our exceptional Cashmere and woollen products can provide the perfect luxury backdrop for your outdoor soiree, while our lightweight Cashmere and Merino Wool jumpers and stoles make the ideal coverups as the sun lowers and the evening breeze sets in.

Our incredibly soft Double Face Check Throw is the ultimate Al fresco accessory, inspired by the colours of the Scottish countryside. Made with 100% Lambswool, it is naturally hypoallergenic and retains warmth, making it a snug picnic blanket for you and your guests to sit and sip drinks on, or a cosy cover to throw across your knees at a beautiful banquet-style garden table. Our Cashmere jumpers, ponchos and stoles are also a great way to elevate your summer style and will keep you warm if the weather proves unpredictable.

An outdoor table and chair set
Cashmere Poncho in Grey

Whether you’re serving friends and family from a picnic hamper, or going all out with a lavishly decorated table and chairs, we have exactly what you need to add a touch of luxury to your event. All that's left is to finalise your guest list and raise a glass to embracing Al fresco entertaining.

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