Behind the Design: A Christmas Story


Give a gift that tells a story this Christmas, with a unique piece from our Origins collection. From the heart of Scotland to the high plains of Peru, this season’s collection features innovative interpretations of the most traditional of patterns, in the softest Cashmere and Merino Wool fibres. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin to explore textiles, textures and techniques from the homes of our fibres, as we take a look behind our Origins designs.

Woodcut Scarf


Our iconic Woodcut pattern, which has previously proved popular in our woven pieces, appears in our knitwear collection for the first time this season. The pattern depicts animals such as Vicuńa and the Cashmere goat, the majestic creatures from which many of the fibres used in our luxurious products are combed. Autumn/Winter’s Labyrinth Woodcut Jumper utilises Japanese Iplait technology to create this distinctive design in double jacquard. In each piece we have used two shades of the world’s finest worsted Merino yarn to recreate a pattern that takes us right back to our fibre roots.

Innovator and textiles pioneer James Johnston, the son of Johnstons of Elgin’s founder, brought the first Cashmere fibres from China into the UK in 1851, and we continue to source the world’s finest Cashmere fibres from China, Mongolia and Afghanistan. It was also in the mid-1800s that we began to import rich, caramel-hued Vicuńa fibres.

Both animals feature in our Woodcut design, based on original woodcut graphics from a 1940s Johnstons of Elgin Archive Journal – The Rarer Wools by ES Harrison. In the historical journal, ES Harrison explains his intention 'to give some idea of the properties and sources of these materials, which I have called the Rarer Wools'.

This season’s Woodcut Jacquard Cashmere Scarf boasts the same exceptional pattern, in incredibly soft Cashmere fibres - the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

Woodcut Scarf


Give two gifts in one with our exquisite Dynasty Reversible Mongolian Kimono Jacket, based on an authentic design. This type of jacket is traditionally made on a flat-bed knitting machine, while our modern interpretation is made on a state-of-the-art version of the loom. The structure and rich colouration of our kimono are true to the those created and worn in Mongolia, and we have played with the original patterning, edging the piece with an oversized geometric trim.

The Kimono Jacket can be worn two ways, with the Dark Chocolate shade the dominant hue, or with the neutral tone taking precedence. Layer over jeans and a Cashmere sweater for a laid-back look or wear over tailoring to elevate a smarter ensemble.

Woodcut Scarf


Our bold, Fernando Luxe Fair Isle Cashmere Cardigan is based on the structures and patterns of traditional textiles in Peru. Ancient Bolivian and Peruvian designs are referenced in this striking, chunky piece; perfect for beating the winter chill. Our designers looked at traditional weaves and played with scale in this eye-catching three-needle jacquard design.

Our equivalent women’s design features a festive twinkle in addition to the sumptuous Cashmere fibres. In our St Gallen Luxe Fair Isle Silk Cashmere Cardigan, a variety of yarns add texture, softness and sparkle. Cashmere ensures a pillow-soft lustre while boucle Cashmere yarn provides texture. The third yarn contains payettes to give a touch of sparkle to the finished piece.

Give a gift that stands out from the crowd this year, with an extraordinary jumper, cardigan or accessory from our Origins collection. Despite the chunky designs, Cashmere is exceptionally lightweight, so it's perfect for posting. The origins of our fine fibres inspire each piece, so your gift can tell its own Christmas story.

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