Paisley Scarf Design


AW18 Paisley Designs

Paisley designs appear throughout the new collection, they imbue a feeling of luxury and elegance, and when used with the finest quality cashmere they create a thoroughly indulgent product. Paisleys have historically been made in Scotland, and we have hand-drawn new designs to offer a refreshed look on this iconic classic.

The final paisley design is a fusion of ornate detail combined with leaves and floral shapes which form a fluid and elegant pattern. The oversized scale of the drawing adds a new dimension to the traditional intricate paisleys.

The capabilities of our new Jacquard loom enable us to weave finer fabrics which are still incredibly warm but also retain the beautiful drape of our lighter products. This fluidity within the products marries the fluidity of the hand drawn paisley, making a perfect partnership.

The paisley design in its original sketch form.

After drawing the design by hand, as well as deciding the scale and layout of the pattern, we then use this image with our weaving software to create a digital file which will then be able to be read by our jacquard looms. This process can be lengthy as we must check that every line in the design will be woven cleanly.

Your must have luxury accessory - our Jacquard Paisley Tubular Cashmere Wrap, in monochrome shades, is the perfect choice for wrapping yourself in warmth and style this season.

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