Our super-soft AW18/19 collection scarf features original woodcut graphics from a 1940s Johnstons of Elgin archive journal – The Rarer Wools by ES Harrison. Illustrated by W.R. Lawson the imagery brings to life key themes within the journal which depicts and explores animals of the world with the rarest fibres.

The Design Inspiration

In the historic journal ES Harrison seeks "to give some idea of the properties and sources of these materials, which I have called the Rarer Wools", and later, specifically describing cashmere he says, "in softness, warmth and in fineness of fibre, Cashmere is next to Vicuña" and "any shades up to the most delicate tints can be dyed. For this reason [cashmere] is the most important of the super wools for the fine cloth trade".

Creating the Scarf

During the research and design process behind this scarf an original hand painted jacquard paper featuring the woodcut border was found. It is believed to have been painted around 1987 when artworks for woven jacquards were meticulously hand drawn to scale. This was used to produce the first jacquard of this historic Johnston's of Elgin journal and hasn't been woven again until now, this time using the latest cad and loom technology.

The woodcut Scottish cashmere scarf celebrates this journal, bringing together the beauty of the front cover illustration with the finest cashmere fibre.

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