August 2019

We take care in the production of our iconic cashmere knitwear, to give our customers beautiful, luxury products that can last for more than a lifetime. With a little bit of love and care, you can enhance the life span of your Johnstons of Elgin cashmere, and it's easier than you might think.

Some of the questions we are most often asked include 'How do I wash cashmere?', 'Can I machine wash cashmere?' and 'How do you store cashmere?'. Our fibre experts have put together their Cashmere Care secrets to make laundering your luxury knitwear a little less daunting.

How to Care for Cashmere

Follow these simple steps to ensure you care for your cashmere products and they last a lifetime.

  1. Comb to remove small balls of fibre from the surface.
  2. Antibacterial – gently handwash the garment with cashmere shampoo.
  3. Reshape the garment and allow it to dry naturally.
  4. Encase with Cedar Wood Balls in a drawer or storage box.


After wearing your cashmere for the first few times, you may find small balls of fibre or 'pills' forming on the surface. These pills are the result of loose fibres tangling together as areas of your garment rub during wear. Our DePilling Comb can be used to remove them, or you can gently remove them by hand. Your cashmere will feel even softer as a result.


Cashmere has natural anti-bacterial properties and is easier to wash than you might think. We recommend you gently wash your cashmere knitwear after you have worn it three or four times.

  • Hand-wash in lukewarm water (35°), using Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Shampoo or a similar mild detergent.
  • Squeeze the suds gently through the fabric without rubbing, wringing or stretching the garment, then rinse thoroughly in water of the same temperature.
  • Avoid lifting the garment while it is saturated with excess water, as this can cause misshaping.
  • After hand washing, you can use a short, light spin in a washing machine to remove the excess water if required.


Dry your freshly washed garment by smoothing it back into shape and placing it flat on a towel. Allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat, such as radiators or sunlight, and do not tumble dry. Once your garment is dry, press lightly with a cool iron.


Our Cedar Wood Balls provide a natural repellent for moths and insects that could damage your cashmere. Simply place the balls in your drawer or storage box along with your garment. You can purchase our Cedar Wood Balls individually, or in one of our Cashmere Care Kits.

If you do find a moth-sized hole, we offer a cashmere repair service. Contact repairs@johnstonsofelgin.com for further information.

We have been working with the world's finest cashmere for almost 200 years, and we continue to use the gentlest manufacturing processes, along with soft Scottish water, to protect our delicate fibres. While some brands bleach and chemically soften their cashmere, we take special care of ours, to bring you high-quality cashmere products that are made to last.

For further information or advice on cashmere care call our ecommerce customer service team on +44 (0) 3442 252 252, Monday – Friday 9-5.30 GMT or email ecommerce@johnstonsofelgin.com.

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