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Our customers often ask us if Cashmere is suitable for babies. In fact, this incredibly fine fibre is the ideal material to place next to your little one's delicate skin due to its super soft handle and unrivalled warmth. Since our finely crafted Cashmere products are also made to last, our Cashmere baby hats, booties and cardigans make the perfect gifts for your newborn.


Cashmere has inherent insulating properties, so it will keep your baby warm without the risk of them overheating. In addition, the cloud-like softness of our Cashmere products won't irritate the skin, so you can dress your baby in Cashmere with confidence.

Caring for a newborn's Cashmere products is simpler than you might think, too. The soft fibres have natural antibacterial properties so generally need to be washed less often than those made with synthetic materials. When cashmere baby clothes do require cleaning, you can gently hand wash each piece using cashmere shampoo, then reshape the garment and allow it to dry naturally.


A baby's tender skin can be sensitive to harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes. Our Cashmere Baby products are made using meticulously selected fibres dyed in shades as close as possible to their natural colour to avoid unnecessary bleaching. This process reduces the impurities that come into contact with your newborn’s skin.

Cashmere is a sustainable choice, too. As a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre and, when properly cared for, Cashmere can last for many years. Since babies grow so fast, it’s also reassuring to know that you can pass baby's first Cashmere cardigan on to a friend’s little one or even down through the generations. Cashmere is an excellent choice for babies and, compared with many synthetic fibres that take a long time to break down, it’s better for the environment too.


Our Cashmere newborn products make fabulous gifts, so why not give a little bit of luxury to the special new addition in your life?

Our hand-knitted White Pointelle Baby Cashmere Cardigan is the ideal choice, featuring exceptional attention to detail. This beautiful cardigan is an elegant choice for a Christening and still practical enough for everyday wear. Also available in light Blue and soft Pink, this Cashmere Cardigan pairs perfectly with our Baby Cashmere Hat and Mittens. The mittens feature a ribbed cuff detail and slim wrist ties, while the hat features a hand-crocheted tie detail under the chin.

Beautifully crafted using the softest Cashmere, our 'Woodcut' Cashmere Baby Blanket is whisper-soft on baby's delicate skin. Available in Pink and Blue, this baby essential features a muted version of our Iconic Wooduct design. Complementing hat and mittens are also available.

To add a personal touch, why not create your own gift set? Choose coordinating items from our newborn range, and we will present them in a gift box, and you can add a message of your choosing. Make your gift extra special by having baby's name added to a blanket with our in-house personalisation service - we can embroider up to eight letters onto your blanket in your choice of thread colour.

Whether your baby is wrapped in one of our Cashmere Blankets or styled in our Cashmere Cardigan and Hat, our highest quality fibres promise a super soft touch. Cashmere really is the perfect choice for babies.

Baby Cardigan in Ecru White
Cashmere baby set in pink ombre
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