A taste of Scotland with a playful twist.

There can surely be no better marriage of tradition and innovation than heritage-inspired designs created using state-of-the-art technology. Demand for intricate patterning has become so high that we have increased the number of fine harness looms in our Scottish mills, and in a series of seasonal accessories, we have brought together traditional clan tartans, contemporary ombrés and our brand logo. The results are versatile and modern, with a generous helping of the luxury our brand is known for.


Our playfully named Clash of the Clans Tartan Scarf juxtaposes two beautiful, contrasting tartans to showcase what our up-to-the-minute technology can really do. Our innovative fine harness jacquard machines can create incredibly detailed patterns in the most delicate fabrics, and this lightweight design is a great example. The Clash of the Clans Scarf connects our rich Scottish history with our dedication to innovation while presenting two very different tartans side by side, bringing newness to a traditional accessory.

The timeless, understated Silver Bannockbane Tartan looks fabulous next to the heritage dark-hued Mackenzie tartan in our Cashmere Clash of the Clans Scarf. This lightweight accessory is so soft you’ll have to touch it to believe it, thanks to the carefully selected fibres and unique ripple finish. Our skilled craftspeople use a time-honoured technique utilising natural teasels to create this elegant signature effect.

We pair the timeless monochrome design of the Black and White Dress Stewart Tartan with the Emerald, Cobalt and Black hues of the Baird tartan in the next of our contrasting clan designs. The name 'Baird' originates from the word 'bard', meaning poet, so you could say poetry meets art in this luxurious, cosy piece.

The MacFayden tartan stands the test of time with its bold cobalt blue, white, black and red aesthetic. Some of these hues are reflected in its Clash of the Clans partner – the customer favourite Black Stewart. The extreme softness, warmth and lustrous quality associated with our Cashmere accessories is ever-present in this tasteful piece.

Last but by no means least is the most striking of our Clash of the Clans pieces. The Royal Stewart is one of the world's most popular tartans, its vibrant red and black base contrasting with blue, yellow, and white hints. Clashing, as the name suggests, is the vibrant MacLeod of Lewis tartan, affectionately known as 'Loud MacLeod'. Our woven Cashmere accessories are designed and made to last so that you can pass this bold statement piece down through the generations.


We combine tartan artwork with the Johnstons of Elgin brand logo in our elegant Tile Scarf. Our brand logo is taken from a 1930’s design by Edward Harrison, in which the ‘J’ represents the Johnston family name and our core values since 1797. The Thistle represents Scotland, the home of our two mills, and the Bee is the symbol of our dedicated craftspeople. Four of our most popular tartans – Black Stewart, Baird, Mackenzie and Wallace - provide the backdrop for a repeat pattern featuring the logo.

This lightweight scarf utilises an incredibly soft wool-spun cloth made with 100% Cashmere. There is a classic quality to this unique blend of two jacquard patterns, connecting distinctive tartans with our own rich heritage.


We use our iconic ombré pattern on a gradient for the first time this season in our stunning Diagonal Tartan Ombré Stole. This sharp new design has a technical aesthetic and artistically pulls the colours within the tartan together in a striking ombré. Worn wrapped around the shoulders, you can enjoy both aspects side by side.

Our heritage-inspired fine harness designs are enduring accessories that go way beyond passing trends. These exclusive investment pieces will continue to turn heads season after season.

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