a gift that tells a story

Sometimes the parts of something are every bit as beautiful as the whole. The Japanese art of Kintsugi recognises the beauty in breakages, repairing pottery with gold, silver or platinum lacquer. The damage is seen as part of the history of an object rather than something to disguise. We have pulled apart and reassembled our brand logo this season to highlight the beauty and symbolism of each part. The result is a collection of meaningful designs that look exquisite and tell part of our brand's story. And what better gift to share this festive season than one with a tale to tell?


The Johnstons 'J' is the foundation of our logo, first sketched by former company Chairman Edward Harrison in the 1930s. Positioned alone, the 'J' appears minimalist and elegant.

Our Jacquard Ombré Merino Scarf gives each aspect of our logo breathing space, including the timeless ‘J’, against our iconic ombré backdrop. We utilised the latest weaving technology to achieve this clean repeat pattern in a warm-handled and incredibly lightweight scarf.


The bee in our logo represents the dedicated workforce in our Scottish weaving and knitting mills. The bee has also been associated with community throughout history, which is an essential driver of our business. We are proud of the communities within and surrounding our mills, and we support the continuous development of our colleagues. Many Johnstons of Elgin employees have transitioned between disciplines over the years in search of new challenges. We believe our people should be who they want to be.


Scotland's National Emblem of the thistle takes pride of place in our brand logo. Of course, this represents our rich Scottish history, but the thistle is also traditionally a symbol of pride. We are incredibly proud of our heritage and that our products are Made in Scotland and always will be.


Creative Director Alan Scott designed the Johnstons of Elgin Coat Arms for London Fashion Week. The heritage-inspired crest combines the brand 'J', thistle and bee, and two standing Cashmere goats, symbolising our expertise with the world's most exceptional natural fibres.

The delicate sketch-like appearance of the Coat of Arms is the perfect overlay for our subtlety blended ombré patterns. As a result, our Ombre Logo Merino Scarf is understated yet striking.


Much like the symbols themselves, this season’s logo-based designs are part of a bigger picture. Our Autumn Winter collection explores the human senses and their role in each of our processes, from the sounds of our heritage equipment to the keen sight of our hand knitting and sewing artisans. There is beauty in the individual parts of a whole, but there is something very special in the bigger picture too. So, why not give more than a gift this Christmas? Give a gift that tells a story.

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