A flavour of South America and Mongolia, homes of our precious Cashmere and Vicuna fibres, brings pattern, colour and texture to our latest collection, ‘Ancestry’.

Bold, authentic designs create showstopping pieces that are perfect for beating the winter chill and ideal for Christmas gifting. Explore our cosy, textural presentation, inspired not only by the landscapes, art and textiles of Peru and Mongolia but also by those a little closer to home, with intricate Scottish Fairisle designs and pops of our own heritage woodcut pattern.

We look back to go forward this season, exploring the origins of our fibres to create unique, innovative pieces. Our designers take inspiration from around the globe, including stunning South American skylines and ice-capped Mongolian Mountains, replicating traditional textile techniques, using state-of-the-art technology and the finest Cashmere and Merino Wool fibres.

Our Ancestry collection references original artwork, textiles and ancient symbolism in contemporary designs, using patterns and weaves influenced by the traditional Panama hat, a fisherman’s sweater, Inca motifs and a Mongolian herding jacket. These eye-catching, detailed patterns lead the way to tell our story. 

An organic palette of earthy tones and neutral hues underpins this collection with highlights of China Blue, Amber and Harissa. We also revisit iconic Fairisle patterns and jacquards, varying scale and proportion to create newness while referencing our rich Scottish heritage. Ombres reflect the seamless blend of colours witnessed in natural landscapes and sunsets. 

Fairisle and Mountain-range inspired designs make our unisex accessories perfect Christmas gifts. One example is our Decorative Stripe Cashmere Stole, which has a handcrafted feel and features Peruvian-inspired ribbon stripes with diamond and chevron detailing. Innovative technology allowed us to create this graphic, linear patterning using incredibly light Cashmere yarn

Our Textured Diamond Scarf is brought to life by a stunning jacquard weave, in a rich blend of Cashmere and Merino Wool. The China Blue shade makes the Diamond Scarf a statement piece, while the alternative grey colourway is versatile and timeless.

To wrap up warm for those crisp, winter walks, our oversized Rib Yoke Women’s Jumper is a sound investment. The geometric design draws inspiration from the distinctive hand-woven pattern of the traditional Panama hat. Our designers watched the crafting of Panama hats and bags in South America and reimagined the effect in Cashmere, adding a high stovepipe-style neck in a rib finish to keep you extra cosy. For men, our Lattice Rib Jumper features a similar chevron weave pattern with a half-zip finish, also in the finest Cashmere.

With this collection, we traverse the globe, venturing to the homes of our exquisite fibres and back to the heart of Scotland. Every piece describes a part of our journey.

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