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Travel can be tiresome and exhausting, but oh, how we’ve missed it! Ever driven by a desire to see the world and a fundamental need to connect with family and friends, we are back in the driving seat, to a degree, and ready to move around again. But with more partiality than ever to home comforts and a renewed focus on our actions' impact on the environment, how do we travel in comfort without compromising our values? Luxury travel is no longer about extravagance but is now about a kind of barefoot luxury, the type of holistic, authentic experience that feeds your soul. Enjoy aspirational travel in a way that’s mindful, with our soft, warm and sustainable travel companions, including Cashmere Blankets and Travel Wraps, exquisite loungewear and cosy knitted accessories for when the temperature – inside or out of the aeroplane cabin – begins to drop.


Never again will we take a brief overnight stay with family for granted, nor lack appreciation for a weekend city break. We are grateful for the return of lengthy car journeys and treasure our time with loved ones, even after a long drive through the night. Even the shortest of vacations now hold more meaning. Our best-selling Cashmere Stole makes the perfect travel wrap to throw around your shoulders for a bit of extra warmth, and the whisper-soft Cashmere fibres feel exceptional next to the skin. Wear as a generously sized scarf during chilly re-fuel stops or fold into an indulgent pillow to get some sleep.

We are not new to enhancing travel comfort – it has been on our radar since the 1900s when the invention of the motor car inspired our first 'Motor Rug'. While heated seats and plush interiors make car travel cosier these days, there is still nothing quite like snuggling under a soft blanket to add a touch of luxury to your journey. Our Cashmere and Merino Wool blankets are made with the highest quality yarn, spun in our own Scottish mills in Elgin and Hawick. Our bespoke embroidery service allows you to add up to eight characters to a blanket or throw – a unique way to treat yourself or a thoughtful gift for a friend.


Camper vans have gone from quirky to the mainstream in the last few years and have upped their home-comforts game with hot running water, spacious interiors and 4WD. Holidaying in the great outdoors can be chilly in the evenings, though, even following the warmest of daytime climates. That’s when you’ll be glad you packed our lightweight knitted accessories, such as our timeless Cashmere Hats and Gloves. For only a tiny amount of extra space in your luggage, you can be well equipped to lie beneath the stars should you choose to.

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Elegance and tradition define travel by luxury sleeper train, taking you on a journey through time back to the days of old-school opulence and glamour. Maximise your comfort with aspirational travel accessories, such as our Cashmere Travel Set. Our Silver heelless Travel Socks offer the perfect respite for your feet, while our silk-lined Cashmere Eye Mask can help provide a great night’s sleep. These night-time indulgences will elevate your onboard experience while you're safe in the knowledge they are also investment pieces. Our handy Cashmere Drawstring Bag keeps them clean and secure, and you will be able to reuse these elegantly crafted sleep-enhancers for many years to come. Your Cashmere Travel Set will be as essential to your comfort as your portable power bank – unless, of course, a digital detox is part of your itinerary.

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Inherent human curiosity combined with today's global way of life means some return to international travel is inevitable as soon as it is allowed. While there is no denying the damage air travel does to our planet, there are ways to enjoy a first-class travel experience while leaving a smaller footprint. Many of us now favour eco-resorts and look to make memories abroad rather than gathering more belongings that will eventually end up in landfills. By choosing a holiday wardrobe – including loungewear for the flight – that is made responsibly and intended to last, we can make a slight difference to the environmental impact we have.

Our collection of Cashmere Joggers are expertly crafted from the world’s finest fibres for a super-soft feel. Retro sports-luxe inspires their aesthetic, while the light, soft texture of 100% Cashmere makes them delicate and versatile for your flight without compromising their durability. Combine our Cashmere Joggers with a Cashmere Hoodie to stay cosy on the way to the airport or hunker down when the cabin lights go out.

Our lightweight Woven Cashmere Scarves are easy to wear and pack - for the ultimate elegant coverup when you reach your destination. It feels good to wear quality pieces that have been created with a focus on sustainability. And it feels great to be able to travel again.

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