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Matthew Woodruff is the Creative Director for bespoke and hand-tailored suit maker J. Meuser, based in New York's West Village. The long-established men’s brand offers exquisite custom and ready-to-wear tailoring crafted from the world’s finest materials from its appointment-only showroom overlooking Christopher Street.

Jonathan photographed Matthew in the popular, diverse neighbourhood against a backdrop of earthy rust tones.

Matthew Woodruff
New York
Matthew Woodruff


‘There's something captivating about New York. Whenever I go there, I feel an optimism and an uplifting energy. No matter where they come from, the city inhabitants believe in the city they live in, and that makes them New Yorkers. New York is full of personality and provides the freedom to truly be yourself,’ said Jonathan. 

‘Matthew walked with an elegance and strength. We met on Christopher Street, and he told me the history behind some of his favourite buildings.’ 


Stretching from Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River, The West Village combines 19th-century architecture with cosy cafes and contemporary restaurants. The neighbourhood is distinguished by streets that are ‘off the grid’ - set at an angle to the other streets in Manhattan. 

Lonely Planet says the West Village's twisting streets and well-preserved townhouses offer intimate spaces for dining, drinking and wandering. One of three delightful neighbourhoods Hugging the Hudson north of the Financial District, ‘full of contradiction, culture and comestibles’.

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