Made With Love

Our incredibly soft Baby Cashmere collections are made by hand in our own Scottish mills.

Johnstons of Elgin's A Moment In Nature

Nothing is more precious than a newborn baby. So, what better gift to offer them than a future heirloom that’s as unique as they are? Our baby cardigans, booties, mittens, hats and blankets are made to last so that they can be passed on to the next generation. Most of our baby products are knitted by hand using the softest, finest Cashmere – a luxurious yarn that’s perfect next to baby’s delicate skin. Our team of skilled craftspeople, tucked away in a quiet corner of our Elgin mill, make each piece with love for your little love.

Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes

There has always been something special about a hand-knitted baby gift. Our experienced knitters make sure each piece is perfect for your little bundle, from mittens for their tiny fingers to booties for their tiny toes.

Every stage of the process is done by our own team of artisans, from creating a pattern and allocating yarn to securely fastening buttons and finishing touches. We twist the yarn ourselves to give our fine Cashmere products a bit of bounce and a loftier handle. Some garments, such as our Pointelle Cardigan and Baby Cashmere Hats, are made on a traditional hand frame, which can be quite labour intensive, as the machine’s carriage is pushed from side to side by hand. The rest of our knitwear designs are knitted by hand.

Each piece is unique

While the size and aesthetic of our Hand Knitted products are standardised, some of our knitters use needles of a different size to achieve the same effect as their colleagues. Knitting is a skill that’s unique to the artisan, so there can be very subtle differences between each of our finished products too, that aren't necessarily easy to see at a glance. Some of our knitted pieces have a hand-sewn finish, while others are created with an older-style method of ‘knitting in the round’. Knitting in the round creates seamless garments, which don't require any sewing at the end of the process. These small, individual details make each piece in our baby collection extra special.

Cashmere Baby Hat with Hand Crocheted Details and Hand Knitted Cashmere Baby Mittens in Navy Stripe

Blooming Lovely

Our Baby department has the feel of a cottage industry within an industrial setting, with everything carried out in-house using traditional techniques and processes. Our team members wash our knitted baby products in the finishing department at our Elgin mill and apply decades-old strategies to achieve our signature lofty finish. Each garment is then laid flat on a blanket and left to dry overnight, which avoids any lines or creases forming during the drying process. The process of washing and drying makes our fine Cashmere fibres ‘bloom’.

A Hug for Luck

One of our knitting masters has her own unique way of sending love to the babies who will eventually wear our designs. Hand Knit artisan Pearl Smith hugs each completed piece – a Grandma cuddle for the receiving little one.

Nothing gives Pearl and her colleagues more pleasure than seeing a baby wearing a Johnstons of Elgin piece. The department has a whole wall of pictures sent to them by satisfied customers. 

Future Heirlooms

The best example of a sustainable product is one that is reused time and again. We take our time to create long-lasting baby products made with care using the highest quality Cashmere and Merino Wool fibres. So you can be confident that a baby gift from our collection can be worn and loved, then passed on to a friend or passed down through the generations.

We offer a monogramming service for our baby blankets, where you can choose up to eight letters to personalise your gift. So, a blanket that stays in the family might continue to tell its own story, always carrying the original owner's name or initials.  

While the choice of baby clothes available is extensive these days, there is something truly wonderful about a gift made by hand. Our beautifully crafted baby designs, made with the softest, warmest Cashmere fibres, are made with care and passion for your family to enjoy for many years.

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