70% cashmere / 30% silk

Innovation in fibre was instilled in our company by the Johnston family from the outset. James Johnston, the son of our founder, brought the world's rarest fibres from across the globe with the first cashmere arriving in Elgin in 1851. He quickly developed a system for mechanically processing the cashmere, many decades before other British mills.

In a marriage of the utmost opulence, our range of 70% cashmere / 30% silk knitwear for women and men blends beautifully soft cashmere with exquisitely delicate silk in a collection of smooth, sheer knitwear in versatile styles and colours.

To feel the Johnstons of Elgin cashmere and silk mix is to experience first-hand the luxurious benefit of more than two centuries of innovation in comfort and style.

100% Superfine Stretch Cashmere - Scuba Skin

Our 100% Superfine Stretch Cashmere jumpers for women feature a superfine micron knit, flexing with every move to provide a luxuriously soft, featherweight second-skin that flatters and accentuates the figure without ever losing its sleek shape.

Johnstons of Elgin Superfine Stretch Cashmere garments are perfect worn alone or as a layering piece under clothing for a polished look.

This unique fabric is built on our heritage of craft and innovation which has been at the centre of our philosophy since 1797. By giving fine cashmere stretch properties, we have given it a whole new lease of life, allowing it to be worn very comfortably next to the skin for the most modern of wardrobe essentials.

100% Ultrafine Merino Wool

In 1797, as Alexander Johnston established our family company in the Highlands of Scotland, the first Merino sheep, descended from the royal flock of the kings of Spain, were introduced to Australia.

We've been working on the fabric and the farmers on the fleece ever since. Today we are exceptionally proud to produce our finest ever merino, produced with the same care we lavish on other fine fibres such as cashmere and vicuna.

Johnstons of Elgin source lambswool from the most dedicated Merino growers, certified under the Responsible Wool Standard to ensure the welfare of the sheep and of the land that they graze on. Our skilled craftsmen and women dye the wool, spin the yarn, weave and finish the scarves all in our historic mill in Scotland.

We are very proud to work with natural fibres, knowing that they are completely bio-degradable and renewable.

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