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Sustainability and circularity are an essential part of today’s fashion and textiles industries, but at Johnstons of Elgin, the concepts are far from new to us. Circularity, relating to the reduction of waste and regeneration of resources, is inherent to our business. Our beautifully crafted designs are made using natural, renewable fibres inside our own Scottish mills, allowing us to maintain control over our manufacturing processes. A small amount of excess yarn is inevitable, and for many years now we have breathed new life into these surplus materials by knitting and weaving small batches of clothing and accessories. We value every thread. The same considered design and exquisite craftsmanship go into our EveryYarn products as go into our primary collections so that you can be guaranteed the same exceptional quality. We are now delighted to make our EveryYarn designs available to even more of our customers.



Our designers have an eye for beauty. Together with our dye house team, they choose and create the perfect shade for every Johnstons of Elgin product, and our library of dye recipes currently exceeds 7000 hues. As EveryYarn products are made using surplus materials, these are limited edition designs, from our EveryYarn plain and reversible Cashmere Scarves and Stoles to our EveryYarn Merino and Cashmere blend blankets. These are exceptional, lifestyle pieces that reflect our values and our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. We don't externally source materials to create an eco-friendly story; our EveryYarn range is driven by a genuine, long-standing desire to reduce waste.

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Sustainability and environmental protection are incredibly important to us in every aspect of our business, from our active membership of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance who look after pasture lands and the welfare of animals in cashmere producing regions, to our endeavour in ensuring that our processes are as gentle and as eco-friendly as possible.

Our ability (unique in Scotland) to process from raw fibre to finished product, on a single site, means we have absolute control of what goes in to our products and what goes out during our processes. That combined with our membership of ZDHC (zero discharge of hazardous chemicals) ensures that our products meet our strict environmental policies. Our traditional manufacturing processes are as gentle with the environment as they are with our delicate fibres.

The EveryYarn product is a logical, sustainable, step at the end of that process which ensures that very little of this precious fibre goes to waste.

Learn more about our sustainable initiatives.

Cashmere wool at Johnstons of Elgin


Every one of our EveryYarn products is made in Scotland. We are proud of our rich Scottish heritage, and all stages of our manufacturing processes continue to take place in our own mills in Elgin, in the North East of Scotland, where our woven product is manufactured from fleece to finished product and in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders where our knitwear and knitted accessories are all produced.

In addition to Scotland’s breathtaking beauty, there are considerable benefits to our unique location in terms of sustainability. Scotland’s soft, free-flowing water is one example of those benefits. Internationally renowned for its crucial role in the making of Scottish whisky, our local water allows us to make the world’s softest cashmere products while using very few chemicals compared to other countries. Our mills are located on the banks of the Rivers Lossie and Teviot, which provide us with plentiful supply of this natural ingredient.

Scottish Water


The EveryYarn collection helps us drive our environmental and sustainability programme. We create these limited-edition products in order to ensure that fibre and yarns, which might normally become wasted, are collated and used to produce beautiful accessories and garments.

An EveryYarn Product

Limited availability

Due to the unique nature of the products in our EveryYarn range, there will be a finite availability within product, design, pattern and colour. This ensures that these products will have an exclusivity which might not be found within our regular stock collections.

Exceptional Quality

The yarn used to make EveryYarn products, while surplus to current requirement, is from our standard production, so these products reflect the incredibly high quality that is synonymous with Johnstons of Elgin. The same fine Cashmere fibres, exceptionally soft Merino Wool and smooth, cosy Lambswool, used to make our primary clothing and accessories collections are used in the EveryYarn range.


With a degree of care and attention, our EveryYarn products will last for many years. Due to the ever-changing nature of this collection, there is no one-size-fits-all instruction to care for these designs. To ensure the longevity of EveryYarn pieces, please check the label for details of fibre composition and product care.


By choosing products made with natural, biodegradable and renewable fibres such as Cashmere, Merino Wool and Lambswool, you are supporting the progression of today’s society towards a more sustainable way of life.

Shopping with the mindset of quality over quantity is also an excellent foundation for a more ecologically conscious way of living. High-quality, beautifully crafted pieces have the edge on life expectancy when compared to cheaper, synthetic fibres.

For any business, achieving the smallest possible environmental footprint is an on-going journey. As we continue to work towards our sustainability and circularity goals, we hope you enjoy our EveryYarn range - luxurious, limited Edition products, made using surplus yarn.

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