Joe Ottaway in Johnstons of Elgin Loungewear


Guest Editor: Joe Ottaway

In these unusual times, leading stylist and image consultant Joe Ottaway recognises the need to reconnect your body and mind. In a blog written exclusively for Johnstons of Elgin, he suggests that the right choice of loungewear can help you to do exactly that, offering comfort and warmth without losing your style edge. Discover Joe’s favourite Men’s Cashmere Loungewear pieces from our latest collection – to take you from work to the weekend with an element of calm.

For most of us, the past year has looked very different, and the way we have dressed and wanted to feel has shifted to wanting to feel safe, cosy and comfortable. Naturally, loungewear has become a go-to for our day to day lives.

The emergence of loungewear as a natural wardrobe staple reflects our new lifestyle and current mood. Time at home has changed from tranquillity and escape from the stresses of everyday life to an extension of your office, gym and, in some cases, your child's classroom.

I strongly believe that loungewear should go beyond the average pair of tracky bottoms or slouchy hoodie and should be seen as a way to help us reset and reconnect. The importance of well-being and calmness has never been greater. Resetting and reconnecting your mind and body after a day of homeschooling or a week of back-to-back Zoom meetings needs to be a priority, and the clothes you wear during this moment of relaxation need to be different from what you wear during the day.

I appreciate we don't normally pay much attention to the clothes we wear at home and much prefer to spend money on parts of our wardrobe that people can see. Loungewear dressing is now a lifestyle and should be taken as seriously as any other investment in our day-to-day wardrobe. So, gentlemen, why not try to avoid just chucking on tracky bottoms and a dishevelled hoodie and look to elevate your loungewear. You can use it to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, good about yourself and - dare I say it - slightly more connected to the normal world.

Joe Ottaway in Johnstons of Elgin Flint Seamless Cashmere Hoodie and Thomas Seamless Cashmere Joggers in Dark Navy


Johnstons of Elgin is a brand I have admired for many a year, and I am now proud to be working with them as key brand partners on Ottaway Style.com. They are a brand rich in heritage, using outstanding craftsmanship to create the highest quality luxury products. With a long history of producing the finest Cashmere and wool accessories and outerwear, Johnstons of Elgin have now made an equally stunning, timeless collection of contemporary men’s loungewear using the finest yarns.

Johnstons of Elgin’s loungewear can be worn in the comfort of your home but has the versatility to be mixed with outerwear to revitalise your 2021 smart-casual wardrobe. I have curated an edit of my favourite pieces from the collection. This edit will help you relax, unwind, set you up for working from home, prepare for relaxing weekends, errand runs, casual lunches, and much more.


I was lucky to get a sneak peek of this collection and having long-searched for home-dressing inspiration; I thought the Thomas Joggers and Sweatshirt were a great choice for 2021. Not only was my loungewear in need of a refresh, but my smart-casual wardrobe also needed revitalising. I found that many of the clothes I would typically wear were not suited to my new lifestyle. Along with running my online luxury menswear e-shop https://www.ottawaystyle.com/ I regularly start my day with exercise and juggle a deluge of conference calls during the week. I wanted a few good-quality, comfortable pieces that were easy to change into from a workout, smart enough to be work from home appropriate and still stylish enough to do a few errands around town.

The Thomas Joggers and Sweatshirt are the foundations of an effortless go-to wardrobe. From jumping out of the shower in the gym and picking up a quick wake-up coffee to going about my day-to-day jobs, I'm ready to take on the world in these luxury pieces. They make me feel slightly more put together, without having to dress up, and when it comes to downtime on a Friday evening, I can equally chill out with a glass of wine and catch up with the family on a Zoom call, feeling connected relaxed and good about myself.

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