Johnstons of Elgin's Just Landed

Our Cashmere Hero pieces for women
and can’t-live-without Machine Washable Cotton for men.

This week sees the arrival of the statement designs we’ve all been waiting for, along with the latest layering pieces for men, in 100% machine washable cotton.


Our Long Cashmere Cardigan with Textured Stripe is the style saviour of the season, adding wow factor exactly when we need it. Wear this elegant, striking design over any outfit and immediately look put together, whether you've opted for sleek tailoring or a comfortable lounge look. State-of-the-art inlay technology allows us to add strength and structure to this lightweight piece and gives it a handcrafted feel.


Our Texture Sweater with gathered sleeves is another head-turning new arrival, offering all the sweater-related comfort we’ve become used to with an elevated aesthetic. Wear with jeans to meet with friends or with tailored trousers to head back to the office.

Continuing the textural theme is our Gauzy Asymmetric Scarf made with incredibly soft Cashmere fibres. The detail and subtle bounce of the Cashmere in this design raise its status from accessory to wardrobe centrepiece.


Launching this week is our men’s Pique Stitch Sweater and Polo Shirt in 100% machine washable cotton. We twisted together three filaments of yarn to create these robust and versatile machine washable cotton knits. Both are made using innovative Whole Garment Technology for an entirely seam-free finish.

We are delighted to introduce these breathable, layering pieces to our Spring Summer edit – utilising another natural, biodegradable fibre within our collections. Natural cotton fibres require less washing than synthetic fibres, so you should be able to wear your Pique Polo Shirt or Sweater two or three times before laundering.

Shop our newly landed pieces and the rest of our Spring Summer Collection:



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