The individual details of handcrafted art are almost impossible to recreate by machine. This is why, in keeping with the anchors of our business – craftsmanship, innovation and ‘Made in Scotland’, we commissioned a series of hand-sketched numerals reflecting our history and depicting some of the elements of the Johnstons of Elgin story. Throughout this month we have illustrated gift ideas and product information on Our Story and in our social media posts with these unique artworks.

Linda Tervet is an artist and Senior Designer at D8 Studio, Glasgow. It took Linda two days to create each number and associated artwork, sketching in pencil first then defining with pen.

Linda explained, ‘We came up with a topic for each number, each one related to Johnstons of Elgin’s history, manufacturing process, craftsmanship or quality. We created a mood board and went from there. I did a pencil sketch for each one, about 30 drawings, and drew over each one with pen. The designs are then scanned in digitally and the numeral and picture combined.’

From the tiny bristles of the teasels used to achieve our Cashmere's signature ripple finish to the elegant South American camelid Vicuńa each image is rooted in the background of the Johnstons of Elgin brand.

‘Some of them were more complex than others,’ said Linda. ‘There was a needle and thread which was quicker to sketch, and there was a big ball of wool that took a day and a bit to do. I would line in pencil first, then pick it up in pen, then spend time scanning, knocking the background out and sometimes putting an opaque background behind so the image can be layered. It can take a bit of time, longer than I think people sometimes realise.’

Linda studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2007. She has worked for D8 Studio ever since, in a diverse role that combines hand drawing with innovative technology. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Linda and her family moved from the West End of Glasgow to more rural Renfrewshire, where she can now more frequently enjoy Scotland's countryside.

‘I’ve been taking photographs out in the wilderness, setting up pictures with foliage and things to showcase these numeral images,’ she added.

The result is a collection of wildlife and still life pictures that capture the essence of our brand. And just like our own designs, each one is proudly Made in Scotland.

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