From the first time we hold our babies, we instinctively want what’s best for them, not just now, but always. Johnstons of Elgin’s beautiful Baby Cashmere collection is not only incredibly soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin; it’s also created with the future of the planet in mind.

At Johnstons of Elgin, we choose to tread lightly and continually reduce our environmental footprint. We are working to preserve grasslands and support herding families at the source of our fine Cashmere fibres, and we craft each of our Cashmere pieces with care to help ensure that they last for a lifetime. Our little Cashmere Cardigans, gloves and booties are hand-knitted with love in the heart of Scotland, using natural, biodegradable fibres. Whether you’re shopping for your child’s first outfit or selecting a thoughtful keepsake gift for a friend, our Baby Cashmere collection is more than cute and comfortable, it also reflects our enduring commitment to sustainability.


We have worked with natural, renewable Cashmere fibres for more than two centuries, and we understand that Cashmere’s soft, hypoallergenic properties are ideal for babies. Cashmere is also temperature regulating, so it will keep your little one cosy without the risk of overheating. Wrinkle-resistant and never scratchy, Cashmere is also easier to care for than you might think. Its natural anti-bacterial quality means Cashmere baby clothes need less washing than those made with other materials. When they do require cleaning, you can wash them gently with a Cashmere shampoo.

There are benefits for the environment too. Clothing made from natural fibres sheds far fewer fibres during washing than those made with synthetic fibres. In stark contrast to the hundreds of thousands of damaging micro-plastic fibres released with each wash of a synthetic garment, cashmere biodegrades naturally in the ocean.



Johnstons of Elgin is a founding member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), a non-profit organisation working with the extended cashmere supply chain, from herders to retailers. The SFA works with communities in Mongolia to provide training, restore grassland and help ensure animal welfare.

Our vertical mills allow us to maintain control over our processes and ensure our fibres are treated with the greatest care. We use soft Scottish water and minimise the chemicals used during production. We have always worked with renewable fibres and continually strive to reduce our impact on the environment. You can read more about our work on sustainability here.

Johnstons of Elgin workers
Johnstons of Elgin workers


What could be more thoughtful than a hand-knitted baby gift? Our Hand Knitted Cashmere Baby Cardigan is crafted in the heart of Scotland and features dainty pointelle detailing. Our Cashmere Baby Booties and Mittens are also hand-knitted, while the matching Cashmere Baby Hat is finished with hand-crocheted details. These delicate aspects add to the beauty of what will become your treasured keepsakes.


Cashmere fibres are perfect for a baby's delicate skin, as they are notoriously soft and warm. Cashmere is also incredibly beautiful, so it’s ideal for gifting as well as for your own precious bundle. Our luxurious Cashmere Baby Blankets are elegant and smooth handled and can be personalised with up to three monogrammed initials to add a personal touch.


Our beautiful baby Cashmere designs are durable and delicate, and high-quality fibres and fine craftsmanship ensure every piece is made to last. This is excellent news for parents, who know that fast-growing little ones don’t wear their first outfits for very long. Our baby knitwear is designed to be enjoyed for many years, so you can pass your favourite pieces on to friends for their little ones to love. Alternatively, you might choose to carefully store sentimental separates (we advise using a drawer, storage box or breathable sealed bag with cedar balls) to pass down to the next generation.

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