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Guest Editor: Prue White

Prue White

Prue White

For me anyway, Christmas is starting early this year. I am normally the first to argue that the twelve days of Christmas are quite enough, but this year, I believe we all need the cheer to start prematurely to help us get through an increasingly bleak winter lockdown.

When Christmas parties are digitised and Santa is social distancing, I see no reason to save Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’ for the 24th of December. Christmas engenders in us all a strong sense of community. On the shortest, darkest days of the year, we’re called to be nicer to our siblings and parents and neighbours and colleagues; to think of others before ourselves and to give generously. This year, we’re likely to be more touched than ever by simple acts of thoughtfulness and charity, and in my book, that alone is a strong argument for kicking off the festive period early. Couple it with the fact that we’ll all be posting a lot more gifts than usual this year, so we’re required to be even more organised than normal, and suddenly Mariah Carey in November doesn’t seem so absurd.

The last thing we need is for that gifting to become arduous, though, which is why I’ve outlined here my go-to’s for the best of Johnstons of Elgin’s Christmas offering to help ensure we all have a merry little Christmas.

First up is the wonderfully intricate (the underside is just as beautiful as the topside), heavyweight Luxe Fair Isle Silk Cashmere Cardigans (his & hers) – they are indeed cardigans like no other. Inspired by Mongolian textiles and landscapes they’re satisfyingly chunky and are endowed with generous shawl collars. Layered over a fine gauge jumper in grey, camel or merlot, or even over a t-shirt on milder days, they’re Christmas jumpers (and then some) that work all year around.

For the men in your life (or the wardrobe that says ‘I stole it from him’), the Donegal cashmere hat and scarf are the ticket. The warm, nutty Otter colour is beautiful on warmer skin tones, while China Blue is ideal for cooler ones. Crucially, the length and weight of the scarf ensure the wearer stays completely cosy on a wintery Christmas walk.

If you’ve read one of my columns here before, you’ll know that I love Johnstons of Elgin’s wide stoles. Draped across the shoulders, or wrapped snuggly around the neck, they are my favourite accessory in the Johnstons of Elgin’s repertoire, for him and for her. If you’re buying for someone with a bold wardrobe, go for the solid Amber colour (it’s great with olive greens and navy blues), or opt for something more muted like Camel which acts as a neutral in wardrobes and goes with everything from black to red. If you’re really organised, you can even get them embroidered with your loved one’s initials for a truly special touch (deadline is December 17th).

I know we’ve been saying it for approximately 8 months, but if you or your loved one haven’t succumbed to the pull of loungewear yet, now might just be the time to indulge. The Low Rise Cashmere Joggers for her and the Denver Sports Cashmere Joggers for him, are the perfect comfort items for the WFH wardrobe or indulging in Christmas movies, with a mulled wine and a bowl of brandy butter (just me?) in hand, over our extended festive period.


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The ultimate in luxurious loungewear though is a silk-lined cashmere dressing gown. This year not getting out of your pyjamas on Christmas day may turn out to be perfectly acceptable and wrapping yourself in this single delectable piece will bring pure joy. Just be sure not to spill any gravy.

Johnstons of Elgin Dressing Gown

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And whilst none of us need reminding that this Christmas will be a Christmas like no other, I do think many of us need reminding that this Christmas is a time not just to look after each other, but to look after ourselves as well. I will be treating myself to the cashmere hot water bottle cover: when a pandemic does away with a stranger’s kiss under the mistletoe, it’s a pretty luxurious stand in.

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