The highest quality craftsmanship takes time, and there is no better example than our Autumn Winter 2020 collection ‘Origins’, inspired by the origins of our fine fibres and our own rich Scottish heritage. This season’s effortlessly stylish pieces embody Slow Luxury – the process of taking our time to create authentic, well-crafted pieces that will last for more than a lifetime.


We travelled the globe to find inspiration for this season’s collection, researching the textiles and landscapes of Mongolia and Peru as well as the traditional textiles found here in Scotland. Peru, the home of our exclusive Vicuña fibres, lends its scenic mountain ranges and exquisite sunsets to many of our designs while others take their lead from the traditional fabrics and craftsmanship of the region. Mongolia, home of our fine Cashmere fibres, inspired distinctive outerwear, based on traditional Mongolian clothing. State of the art technology has allowed us to put a contemporary spin on long-established South American and Central Asian fabric designs, creating high-quality pieces that are incredibly soft as well as uniquely beautiful.

Sewing on a label
Stitching the neck of a jumper


Bright colours, Peruvian-inspired patterns and rich textures all catch the eye in our Autumn Winter edit. But the joy of this collection goes much deeper than just the aesthetics and is embedded in every stitch. Our experience of working with the world’s finest fibres spans 223 years, and our Cashmere and Merino Wool undergo meticulous, measured processes to achieve the perfect finish. This season we introduce Merino Wool to our Athluxe and Travel capsule, providing an accessible price point, while neutral shades add an organic feel. Our Timeless Classic layering pieces have received a structural update, but their sumptuous Cashmere composition remains the same.

Close up of an AW20 Johnstons of Elgin piece


A skill worth learning takes time and discipline to perfect. Our talented craftspeople have an incredible eye for detail and continue to utilise skills that have been passed down through many generations. The Tweed Checks, Fairisle patterns and jacquard designs of our latest collection play with scale and proportion to create fresh, contemporary looks. But the process can't be rushed, with as many as 33 craftspeople touching a product before it is ready to wear. This season’s Contemporary Tweed capsule takes us back to our Scottish roots, celebrating the traditional tweed designs we have worked with since 1846 and adding a modern twist.

Johnstons of Elgin AW20 Mens Look


Slow Luxury is about investing in our people and endeavouring to reduce our environmental footprint. The fine fibres at the centre of our Autumn Winter collection are natural, renewable and biodegradable and the products we make are designed to last. Our Timeless Classics, Contemporary Tweed pieces and Athluxe designs, made with the finest Cashmere, Merino Wool and Lambswool, won't just make a seasonal statement but will continue to be your wardrobe go-to year after year.

Johnstons of Elgin AW20 Womens Look
A Johnstons of Elgin piece being inspected
Cones of Johnstons of Elgin Yarn
Johnstons of Elgin AW20 Mens Look

This year’s origins collection brings together the textile influences of the countries of our roots with the skills and craftsmanship we have so carefully developed over the years. Origins is a collection 223 years in the making.

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