'One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well,' Vincent Van Gogh.

If we embrace Van Gogh’s artistic wisdom, then this season’s ombré designs can be considered poetic masterpieces. Our iconic ombré patterns originated in our woven accessory collections and have reached a new audience in our knitwear edit. Meticulous blends of bold, contrasting colours create our graduated works of art, made with the world’s finest Cashmere. It takes a keen eye to ‘mix’ the perfect shades for our exquisite pieces, and exactly how many colours go into each ombré is a well-kept secret.


Elements of a dark tartan are cleverly repositioned to create an alternative ombré in our Full-Length Cashmere Cardigan. This easy layering piece crosses over between knitwear and outerwear, as stylish as a tailored coat and as soft and warm as a traditional Cashmere cardigan. Multiple shades of the highest quality yarn work together to create a print-like effect in knit.


Our men’s Cashmere Honeycomb Marl Jumper showcases the artistry of our ombré. This cosy, uniquely structured sweater features this season’s essential Emerald and Dark Granite Shades.


Textile dyes have come full circle during our 225-year history, with colourants derived initially from berries, vegetables and trees. Synthetic dyes became a popular option throughout the textile industry following the Industrial Revolution, beginning with Sir William Henry Perkin's accidental discovery of mauve dye in the mid-1800s. In recent times, more and more of us are concerned with the future of the planet, and as a result, more natural alternatives are again in favour.

All our dyes are on the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) approved list, in line with our commitment to sustainability. We also choose to dye our fine fibres in shades as close as possible to their natural hue to reduce the need for bleaching.

a bubbling dye
A birdseye view of a dyehouse dye vat


Our Scottish knitting and weaving mills are surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, and the colours found in the breathtaking mountains, forests and beaches on our doorstep often inspire our ombré designs.

Our designers and dye house team work closely together to create the perfect dye shades for our products, and this season's Emerald, Mazarine and Bordeaux hues are no exception. You can shop more of our unique graduated designs in Our Iconic Ombré Collection.

Scottish hills with heather
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