Luna Digital Ombré Dress
Luna Digital Ombré Dress

Comfort and fashion. City desk and dining room table. Backyard and bar. There has never been more crossover in our lives, but you can be transition-ready with our seamless Merino Wool pieces in stunning ombré patterns.

Many of us have adopted a softer daytime look over the last 18 months, and we’d like to take a moment before we sharpen things up again, easing ourselves back into more tailored outfits at our own pace. Our seamless knitwear is smooth, comfortable and versatile, and smart enough for the office as we gradually return to face-to-face experiences.


We transfer art into knitwear this season, with our Luna Digital Ombré Dress and Ombre sweaters for men and women. Each piece graduates in colour, taking inspiration from digital pixelation.

We have already made the concept of ombré our own throughout our woven accessory collections, and now, cutting-edge technology in our Elgin mill has given us a vehicle to create similar looks in knitwear pieces. Innovative Japanese Iplait technology plaits two colours together and creates a unique fabric that’s incredibly light.

This season’s ombré patterns illustrate the calming theme of the collection and take inspiration from the reflections of light on water. It’s our unique way of creating the effect of print in a knitted garment.

Sunset on beach
Closeup of Ombre dress


When you wear a dress, your outfit is instantly complete. Of course, you can choose to accessorise with a cape or stole or add a belt or statement jewellery for interest. But the beauty of our Luna Digital Ombre Superfine Merino Dress, in Serenity & White or Dark Navy, is that it’s a piece of art in its own right – a statement dress that speaks for itself.

The Luna Dress is knitted in double thickness Merino Wool for a stunning drape. It features an easy fit A-line silhouette, ¾ length sleeves and colour-block detailing on the neckline, hem and cuffs—a real show-stopper for Spring Summer '21.


Our men’s Diffuse Digital Ombre Superfine Merino Jumper utilises the same Iplait technology as the ombré dress to achieve the dark to light blended pattern. Made with 100% Superfine Worsted Merino Wool, this vibrant Emerald and Dark Navy Jumper design is finished with a colour-blocked trim on the neckline, hem and cuffs.


Seamless knitwear designs throughout our collections are created using Wholegarment technology. The seamless Wholegarment knitting machine is a bit like a 3d printer for textiles – producing garments in one piece, unlike knitwear made by sewing separate flat components together.

Wholegarment knitwear wraps around your body for a perfect fit exceptional comfort. This season's Ombré Merino Wool dress and sweaters' seamfree design creates a clean silhouette and flowing drapes. Shoulder lines also conform beautifully to the shape of the body for a natural fit.

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