The story behind our Tissue Print Scarf

August 2019

Our talented designers take inspiration from all over the world to create our unique, beautifully crafted pieces. An exhibition of ocean liners, celebrating the romance and cultural impact of these mighty ships, sewed the seed for the creation of our show-stopping Tissue Print Scarf, in turn inspiring the theme of The Golden Age of Travel for our Autumn Winter edit.

'Ocean Liners: Speed and Style', formerly on display at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, featured paintings, sculpture, fashion and model ships associated with significant historical liners, such as the Queen Mary and the Titanic. Alongside fragments of panels from the ill-fated vessel, the exhibition boasted the iconic 1920s Paquebot 'Paris' painting, by US Precisionist painter Charles Demuth.

Art Deco Inspired Designs

Inspired by this remarkable collection, our team created three abstract, Art-deco style digital designs. Featuring our new seasonal colours of Light Flat Grey, Vermillion Orange, Zaffre Blue, Winter Jasmine, Malachite Green, Hunter Green, Blush Pink and Pale Lapis, the first design centres around the theme of the ship. From here, discussions moved to The Golden Age of Travel, a time during the 1920s and 30s when transportation by plane, ship and motorcar was associated with opulence and luxury and offered new opportunities for adventure. Our own Edward 'Eddie' Harrison made his mark on motorcar travel during this period, with the woollen Motor Rug, which is still part of our repertoire today.

Our three abstract designs form the basis of our Tissue Print Scarf; a lightweight blanket stole woven from the finest cashmere yarn and printed in the U.K. These beautiful, ultra-soft pieces exemplify our innovation and creative craftsmanship.

  • Our striking plane design also features on our aviation-inspired Hand Knit Intarsia Cardigan. This limited edition piece was showcased at London Fashion Week. Hand intarsia knitted in Scotland, using a technique that utilises over 200 years of expertise, each colour of this unique cardigan is meticulously laid in by hand, one row at a time, with one garment taking 10 hours to knit.

    The luxurious nature of our Autumn Winter collection reflects the lifestyle associated with plane, ship and motorcar travel in the early 1900s. This season, we stop to take in the beauty and significance of the past, while our innovation and creativity transports us into the future.

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