August 2019

Today's fashion industry offers consumers more choice than ever before, but many of these choices come at considerable cost to the environment. Considering the long-term impacts of high-fashion throw-away clothing it's no wonder so many people continue to invest in well made, high-quality products that will stand the test of time. When choosing the fibres of your future wardrobe, cashmere and fine wools are smart choices.

Synthetic fibres make up 60% of the world's clothing. Estimates vary, but each wash of synthetic clothing releases approximately hundreds of thousands of micro-plastic fibres into the ocean. Micro-plastics in the ocean are an increasingly well understood problem for our marine environment. Garments made from natural fibres shed less fibre which then naturally biodegrades in the ocean rather than accumulating for generations.

Wool and cashmere are considerably warmer than synthetic fibres and are naturally hypoallergenic. They are also breathable, regulating your temperature when the weather around you changes. They are UV resistant and odour resistant. The antibacterial properties of wool and cashmere mean they need to be washed less frequently than synthetic fibres and they can be laundered at lower temperatures, further reducing their environmental footprint. After washing, wool and cashmere dry quickly and are wrinkle resistant. Wool and cashmere are also naturally fire resistant.

In addition to the practical benefits, our finest cashmere, merino and vicuna products are also a worthwhile investment in over 200 years of craft and skill. The exceptional quality of our products ensures their longevity. Our iconic knitwear will carry you effortlessly from season to season, with styles that transcend passing trends.

At the end of their life, your natural wool and cashmere products will biodegrade and return to the soil. Fibres classed as non-biodegradable such as polyester, viscose and nylon will take between 20 and 200 years to degrade depending on conditions.

At Johnstons of Elgin, we understand that time itself is a luxury, and we don't rush any of our processes. The natural fibres we use are renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, and we take our time to ensure they are handled with care. We continue to explore new ways of working with fine animal fibres, making it stronger or lighter or varying its texture to bring you the finest possible garments. For sustainable luxury that is built to last, fine animal fibres are the way forward.

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