April 2019

The unrivalled warmth and softness of cashmere ensure its enduring reputation around the world, with scarves, jumpers and blankets in high demand. But with high street retailers marketing this coveted fabric at lower prices, you might wonder if one cashmere is much the same as any other. And what determines the cost of Johnstons of Elgin’s cashmere products?

Business Insider visited our Elgin mill to find out how our products are made and to investigate the value of our processes. In their video below, CEO Simon Cotton explains that skilled handling adds to the value of this precious fibre.

We imported the first bale of cashmere from China to the UK in 1851 and today we continue to use the softest Scottish water and gentle manufacturing processes to protect our delicate fibres. With lower cost brands bleaching and softening with damaging chemicals, its clear that one cashmere is not the same as any other. Our carefully sourced fibres, unique craftsmanship and our special care for every thread make our finest cashmere worth every penny.

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