Johnstons of Elgin Pixelated Cashmere Stole


Here are five reasons you’ll be glad you did!

  1. It will brighten your day, as well as your outfit

This unique Cashmere Stole design will add an energising pop of red to Spring’s atmospheric neutrals. Innovative use of colour creates a pixelated ribbon effect for a bright, playful aesthetic. You can't help feeling positive in these bold hues.

Johnstons of Elgin Pixelated Stole
  1. One stole, several looks

Our best-selling Cashmere Stole is one of our most versatile pieces. Wear as an oversized scarf for added warmth or drape around your shoulders to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Try styling with a belt to make a statement. Our Pixelated Check Cashmere Stole is also the perfect travel companion and a great piece to wrap up while you work from home.

  1. The softest fibres

Our Cashmere Stole is renowned for its extreme softness, warmth and lustre. There is no better fibre to wear next to the skin.

Johnstons of Elgin machinery


  1. Our Pixelated Check Cashmere Stole is an investment piece

We only use the highest quality Cashmere fibres in our products, and we handle them with care, using Scotland's soft water in our manufacturing processes and avoiding over-treating. Our unique designs are made using a combination of age-old craftsmanship and innovative technology, and everything is made to last. This timeless stole will last for many seasons – and years – to come.

Johnstons of Elgin Machinery
Johnstons of Elgin Yarn
  1. It’s natural, renewable and biodegradable

We understand how important it is to minimise our footprint on the environment as individuals and businesses. Our fibres are natural, renewable and biodegradable, so you can be confident our Pixelated Check Cashmere Stole is a sustainable choice.

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