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Scottish Estate Tweeds Book | Third Edition

Availability: In stock

Scottish Estate Tweeds Book | Third Edition In
Scottish Estate Tweeds Book | Third Edition In

Scottish Estate Tweeds Book | Third Edition

Availability: In stock


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Scottish Estate Tweeds Book - Third Edition. This new edition contains a preface from our Chairman, Mr Ian Urquhart, and a beautiful selection of imagery alongside stories of our history.

"The origins of estate tweeds are peculiarly Scottish, though their use has spread for and beyond our border. A few English estates have developed the concept as have branches of the military. Examples of both are included in this book as they were in the original edition by Edward Stroud Harrison, published in 1968."

"Johnstons of Elgin started as a small, local woollen mill in Elgin and now employs around one thousand people. Our knitwear mill in Hawick, started in 1980, has contributed to this growth and to our successful export business. This book is a tribute to the highly talented and skilled people who work in our mills, as well as other woollen mills in Scotland." Excerpt from the preface provided by Mr Ian Urquhart, Johnstons of Elgin Chairman

Hardcover Book published in 2018

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