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Suits Grey Fox

Cloth Design & Development

Newness and innovation in design structures, techniques and finishes are a vital part of everything we do at Johnstons of Elgin.

I'd seen a variety of checks in the archive, some with broad soft blue over check, which I thought would make an attractive but different look to conventional designs. I was aiming for a mid-grey cloth, suitable for town or country, with a luxurious feel, yet good durability. My ideas were skilfully interpreted, and working closely with Johnstons of Elgin a superb cashmere and lambswool blend Prince of Wales check was produced which closely reflected the ideas I had in my mind.

- David Evans


The final design which David chose is a common twill structure Prince of Wales Check design in a grey and charcoal ground combination, with a triple over-check in sky blue.

Johnstons of Elgin Grey Fox exclusive fabric

Weaving the Cloth

Our mill in Elgin uses over 30 exacting processes to produce our high quality, beautiful fabrics. From dyeing to blending, carding to spinning, winding to weaving, scouring to milling, cutting to folding, it all happens in our own mills on Scottish soil.
Follow the Grey Fox cloth on its journey through the mill...


One of Savile Row's finest and most prestigious bespoke tailors, Dege & Skinner was selected to expertly cut and tailor David's suit. Established in 1865 and still owned by the Skinner family, Dege & Skinner has been making the highest quality bespoke tailoring for over a century and a half. Bespoke Cutter Tristan Thorne was able to visit the mill to see the cloth being woven and then worked with David on the design, before cutting his unique bespoke pattern at number 10 Savile Row.

When I first measured him, David was thinking of a single-breasted bespoke suit, but I'd seen a photo of him on his Grey Fox blog looking really good in a double-breasted blazer so suggested that might be the style to choose. I felt this particular Prince of Wales check cloth, paired with David's tall, slim-line physique, would create the strong, balanced, masculine yet elegant, silhouette we were aiming for. A standout suit, but in the right way!

- Tristan Thorne, Bespoke Cutter at Dege & Skinner


Under the collar is a streamlined embroidered grey fox.
This references both the name of David's blog, and the running fox of the Dege & Skinner logo and was handsewn by skilled embroiderer and trouser maker, Auburn Lucas.

Streamlined embroidered grey fox under the suit collar
The finished suit, beautifully modelled by Grey Fox.