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Ladies' Fine Knit Jumpers and Cardigans

Our luxurious fine knit jumpers, camisoles and cardigans are made with the softest fibres, so they are incredibly comfortable to wear. This elegant range of wardrobe favourites includes fine Merino Wool designs and pieces made with Cashmere Silk. Both are lightweight and durable, with natural temperature regulating properties. 


We speak to a new generation of customers with our 'Maria' collection - entirely seamless pieces made with Wholegarment Technology for the ultimate comfort. Discover this seasons’ ribbed roll and ballet neck jumpers alongside boatneck knit sweaters in our beautiful AW colour palettes that echo nature with Emerald, Raisin and Alhambra burnt orange hues.

Mix and match our superfine pieces with our Women's Classic Knitwear.




Our superfine knitwear designs are made using innovative Wholegarment Technology, where knitwear is created in one piece without the need for sewing component parts together.


- Unrivalled comfort – Wholegarment designs are entirely seamless.

- Sustainable – There is less production waste with Wholegarment knitting.

- Advanced design – Wholegarment pieces drape beautifully, and the technology allows us to  create unique patterns and textures.


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